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Gillespie & McLean Electrical Apprenticeship Scotland.

Electrical Apprenticeship Scotland

Gillespie & McLean Electrical Apprenticeship Scotland

Gillespie and McLean directly employ Apprentices & Adult Trainees from the Central Belt of Scotland, we are committed to the training and development of our future Engineers from the local area, where possible. Apprenticeship training programs are gaining increasing importance in today’s industrial recruitment, they allow individuals to gain a work-based qualification, whilst improving their on-the-job skills and gaining invaluable safety experience in the industry. Electrical Apprenticeship’s in Scotland and other Apprenticeship programs train employees according to industry standards and guidelines, Gillespie & McLean supplement these by closely monitoring the progression, development and performance of our Apprentices & Adult Trainees.

Earning While Learning

Apprenticeship programs train employees more favourably compared to the internship programs, the main reason is that employees earn up to 50-60% pay in these programs while gaining invaluable on the job skills. Furthermore, there are salary increases for successful progression in the program and employees can also pursue further education beyond the Apprenticeship programs providing them with the opportunity to develop and learn more skills.

Employees Gain Real Work Experience

Working in an Apprenticeship is entirely different from working in colleges and universities. Here, employees’ get hands-on experience by working in a practical, fast-moving and at times challenging environment. Furthermore, if you are enrolled in an Electrical Apprenticeship Scotland or any other program, you’ll be assigned a certified training assessor that will be responsible for setting all your work as per the Apprenticeship training program, guide you through the review stages and assist with any queries you may have throughout the program. Gillespie and McLean work closely with colleges and training assessors, ensuring a focused management approach to assist successful Apprenticeship career development.

Supports the local community

Electrical Apprenticeship’s in Scotland support their local communities by employing and training young adults with quality life-long skills in trades. Electrical Apprenticeships will not only secure young adults a sustainable career, but it is an excellent grounding for further career development into senior roles. Supporting the local community by training the young adults reflects well on Gillespie & McLean’s continued commitment to training and development of the next generation of Electrical Engineers.

Gillespie & McLean main objectives for the Electrical Apprenticeship Scotland program are;

  1. Ensure the training is fully provided to completion of the Apprenticeship or Adult trainee program, subject to SJIB’s National Working Rules.
  2. Ensure the training and development meet the company and the industry standards. 
  3. Promote a culture of information sharing and being part of a 1 team business.
  4. Provide employment and enhance business opportunities for Gillespie & McLean. 
  5. If the employee progresses well, Gillespie & McLean may support requests for further education in line with the business plan and objectives. 

Hard-working and motivated

Our Apprentices at Gillespie & McLean come from all different backgrounds and diversities. With the support of our staff, the lecturers and colleges, all our Apprentices thus far have been able to successfully complete their Apprenticeships on time and to a high standard of learning. 

As a company, we are proud of our Apprenticeship program as our Apprentices evolve to be loyal and hard-working. They also possess the motivation to help the business meet our ongoing objectives.

Our Electrical Apprenticeship program in Glasgow, Scotland has helped trained over 25 electricians in our 18-year history. 

If you would like to apply for a place on our Apprenticeship program, please contact our head office number and we will gladly give you more information regarding the application process. Our schedule intake for new apprentices is usually between June-July.

Thanks for reading about our Electrical Apprenticeship Glasgow & Scotland, take a look through Our Projects next!

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