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Need An Electrician Glasgow to Install E.V Charger? Here’s 5 Reason Electrical Cars Are The Future

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Need An Electrician Glasgow to Install E.V Charger? 5 Reasons About E.V

Despite the title of this article, electric cars have become an increasingly common sight on the roadways, and this doesn’t just count your personal passenger cars. Electric trucks, transit buses, and school buses are all set to hit the road! Suffice to say, electric cars are already the present, so there is undoubtedly no reason to doubt why electric cars are the future! We are a team of Electrician Glasgow that can help install E.V charging points at your home or workplace! Contact us today. 

These eco-friendly vehicles have grown in popularity and become more prevalent than they were 10 years ago, along with a 40 percent year-on-year increase. This significant increase stems from a combination of a broadening choice, a rise in demand, and the increasing variety of brilliant incentives driving more organizations towards making electric cars a fleet option. 

An electric fleet is viable for any company, which means there are plenty of reasons why a strategic switch to electric vehicles can represent the best vision of the future. In addition to the environmental implications, these electric vehicles (EV) can be found in an impressive range of budget-friendly and luxury options and come with an array of benefits which we discuss ahead.

5 Reasons Why EV Cars are the Future

Electrician Glasgow

Electric cars use electricity, obviously. As a result, they generate less CO2 emissions than conventional cars. The governments and automotive industry across the globe aim to stimulate a worldwide shift towards electric vehicles as they’re greener and more beneficial. 

Several industry observers believe we have already gone past the tipping point where the EV car sales will speedily overwhelm diesel and petrol cars, and there are reasons for it. Let’s five into 5 primary reasons for electric vehicles becoming mainstream and will soon be the ultimate ride of the future. 

  1. Government incentives are boosting production 

Government agencies worldwide have and will continue providing policy-driven funding for the production and adoption of electric cars. The primary government incentive is to minimize CO2 emissions to achieve a greener future and create a world where zero-emission cars are the standard norm. 

Conventional cars harm the environment due to fuel consumption and consequently emitting CO2, which causes air pollution. On the other hand, hybrid care products significantly reduced CO2 emissions while electric cars produce none. Hence, some countries like Norway have already started making pledges to decrease the sales of internal combustion engine cars. 

  1. Cost benefits in the long run

While it is well understood that batteries run out and call for replacement after some years, electric cars are still relatively cheaper than cars that run on diesel or petrol. Electrical motors comprise lesser parts than fuel-based engines. 

Since this results in lesser wear and tear, they will need less servicing, and you can significantly save up on car-repairing costs. On top of this, many countries have started adopting business grants and tax incentives for electric vehicles. Our cost-effective installations by our Electrician Glasgow team will save you money in the long run. 

Of course, fuel is the most significant cost-saving factor which makes EV cars worth investing in. As resources are expected to run out in the future, the oil prices will continue to escalate, and people will continue facing incessant fuel tax charges. 

However, you won’t have to go through such issues with an electric car. As opposed to a diesel or petrol car, it is estimated that driving an EV car saves £100 per 1,000 miles. Moreover, you can simply charge your EV car at home with a home charging unit, which does require installing costs but is still incredibly affordable. 

  1. A more pleasurable driving experience

The first thing most people observe in electric vehicles is how quiet they are. Moreover, electric cars provide an instant turning force, making them incredibly enjoyable and fun to drive. EV cars also have a lower centre of gravity. 

As a result, this gives you both safety and driving perks. When it comes to driving, electric cars offer better steering and grip while taking turns. With regards to safety, electric vehicles have a significantly lesser chance of rolling over. Talking about safety, our highly trained team of electrician Glasgow can install your E.V point with safety guaranteed.

In addition, the absence of fuel indicates your car’s at a lesser risk of exploding or catching fire. On top of all this, electric vehicles that are being rolled off the assembly lines presently offer you the best of luxury and safety. They come with the most cutting-edge features and specs and are built to handle collisions more efficiently. 

  1. Fossil fuels are not sustainable.

It has been speculated that roughly in about 53 years or even less, the world will run out of fossil fuels. This means there are limitations on how long people can still function the way they’re currently doing before these fundamental resources become scarce and the prices become sky-high. 

Eventually, there will come a time in the future when there won’t be enough resources to go around. If this happens and things don’t change for good, many industries worldwide will crash. This is why several companies and policy-makers are implementing a switch to electric cars. 

Quite evidently, this also indicates that electricity generation has to change and turn a new leaf. Most countries have begun to ban coal power plants. They are instead opting for more sustainable options that bode well for the foreseeable future. This further indicates that electric cars really don’t have a likelihood of running short of “fuel” resources anytime shortly. If you want to ditch the fossil fuel motor and swap it for an electric car, our team of expert electrician Glasgow can help install a home charging station. 

  1. Public and larger transport vehicles are making a shift

Consumer vehicles are not the only segment in the market that will get an influx of EV car options. Quite evidently, the adoption of electric vehicles in the commercial and public sectors is pretty slow as it is costly to replace the current infrastructures. 

However, the long-term cost and the health and environmental benefits of switching to electric cars drive both industries in this direction. 

The Installation of EV Charging Points for Domestic and Commercial Use

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Having a safe and easy-to-access charging point is vital in the day-to-day lives of electric car users. Between 2014 till 2018, the number of electric vehicle charging points doubled in the United Kingdom. However, the number of EV cars increased by 7 times. 

As a result, installing more charging points in public places and homes is bound to boost the accessibility for all existing and potential electric car vehicles. We have a team of electrician Glasgow ready to install car charging points throughout the whole of the U.K. 

While the demand for electric cars continues to grow, one of the most significant issues preventing the efficient growth and charging of electric cars is having access to EV charging points. 

These electric cars cover relatively shorter distances than fuel options before needing to get charged again. Resultantly, there is a need to install more EV charging points for commercial and domestic use to shift towards a greener future. 

Supporting Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations 

As of February 2021, approximately 14,000 electric car charging spots were reported across the United Kingdom, offering over 22,000 charging devices and more than 38,000 charging connectors. 

The number of charging locations and devices continues to increase rapidly, and there are many government schemes aimed at boosting the usage of electric vehicles. 

The charging levels of electric vehicles have been a significant critic for individuals while pondering their decision over buying an EV. Owners of electric cars are considering installing charging points at home. Thanks to the government’s initiatives, there is significant help and support for them to do it.  

The Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is also providing sufficient grants to aid the use of electric cars on a broader scale. The EV Homecharge Scheme offers up to 75 percent of the charging-point installation costs (up to a total of £350) at domestic properties. 

On the other hand, the Workplace Charging Scheme provides up to £350 per socket (up to 40 sockets at max) for commercial properties. This gives both businesses and homeowners an excellent incentive to shift towards electric cars and reap the many benefits they offer. 

If you need electrical vehicle charging stations to install, contact us today. Our team of highly skilled electrician Glasgow can get the job done seamlessly. 

The Future of Electrical Vehicles and EV Charging

After considering all things, we can say that conventional fuel-based vehicles are not what individuals will be driving in the future. At present, electric cars have a significantly high chance of being the ultimate choice of car 20 years from now. 

Given the speed at which the world is advancing, we might reach a point shortly where there won’t even be a need to plug our electric cars into a socket to recharge the battery. The roads can probably charge your vehicle for you in the future. 

For some time now, trials have already been underway to examine the possibility of novel technology rooted in the roads that can charge EV car batteries. But for now, we’ll have to settle down with finding an electric car charging point when you need to charge your car. However, the future certainly holds more possibilities. If you need an electric car charging station installed at your workplace or home, we have a team of Electricians Glasgow ready for you. 

There will be more efficient batteries and productive ways of acquiring the power source we need to stay on the road. Or, who knows, the automotive industry might suddenly choose to take a completely different direction instead, and someone comes up with an entirely different way to power up cars. 

Need Electricians Glasgow to Install E.V Charger? Contact Us Today.

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